Thursday, November 21, 2013

mission pics

I got my missionary pics done a couple weeks ago and they're ready now! I love them! Kortney Olds took my senior pictures in high school so I was like, Hey! She's a great photographer and I love her! So I want her to take my missionary pictures! She's so kind and I'm so grateful for her to have been able to take these pictures for me! The only downfall of them are my bangs. HAHAH worst part about having straight across bangs that have grown out...they like to split down the middle. But other than that, I absolutely love them! :)
p.s. my favorites are towards the bottom

Monday, November 18, 2013

3 weeks late

Yeahhhhh, I kind of suck at writing on this blog. Since I haven't been working I haven't had the time.
Since that totally makes sense right?
Usually a regular person would have more time to do things when they don't work. But somehow, I found the time to when I did. Because blogging whilst at work is obvi the most productive! WHATEVA.

Okay, so I told you last time that I would tell you how my talk went. That was 3 weeks ago and I forgot how it went hahah SORRY!
But basically all you need to know about my little 7 minute talk was that:
  • The only thing people remembered from my talk was how many times I said the work 'like'
  • B (my BFF) started counting halfway through and counted me saying it 20+ times. 
  • I was hilarious
Basically that's it! Also, let me expound on the third bullet.
Humility level 2: EVERYONE LOVED ME
I was totally being hilarious without really trying and everyone was dying. No bigs. 

Okay, back to being humble again.
I am super grateful for my ward in WV. I took it for granted. I never realized how much I felt welcomed, loved and the strong spirit that was there. Being in West Virginia for the little under 2 years that I was there, my testimony grew immaculately. I never knew what it was like to go to church because you want to go and learn rather than going because everyone does it and it's apart of a weekly routine. I never knew how much courage it took to go to church by yourself when you have no clue who anybody was. I never knew what it was like having to start over and make new friends. But because I was blessed to live in WV for the time that I did, I am now able to say "I know what that's like." All of the people and missionaries that I've met in WV have definitely influenced my life for the better and I couldn't be happier to have  met them. It is true about the saying that's like: you don't know what you're missing until it's gone, or whatever. Because I sure miss it there, WAY more that I thought. But, it's been a fun run. I'm not planning on going back after my mission. I don't think it would be the same, no matter how much I would want it to. But I'm glad I'm moving on in my life and taking the steps of growing up. 

The church is true!