Thursday, November 21, 2013

mission pics

I got my missionary pics done a couple weeks ago and they're ready now! I love them! Kortney Olds took my senior pictures in high school so I was like, Hey! She's a great photographer and I love her! So I want her to take my missionary pictures! She's so kind and I'm so grateful for her to have been able to take these pictures for me! The only downfall of them are my bangs. HAHAH worst part about having straight across bangs that have grown out...they like to split down the middle. But other than that, I absolutely love them! :)
p.s. my favorites are towards the bottom

Monday, November 18, 2013

3 weeks late

Yeahhhhh, I kind of suck at writing on this blog. Since I haven't been working I haven't had the time.
Since that totally makes sense right?
Usually a regular person would have more time to do things when they don't work. But somehow, I found the time to when I did. Because blogging whilst at work is obvi the most productive! WHATEVA.

Okay, so I told you last time that I would tell you how my talk went. That was 3 weeks ago and I forgot how it went hahah SORRY!
But basically all you need to know about my little 7 minute talk was that:
  • The only thing people remembered from my talk was how many times I said the work 'like'
  • B (my BFF) started counting halfway through and counted me saying it 20+ times. 
  • I was hilarious
Basically that's it! Also, let me expound on the third bullet.
Humility level 2: EVERYONE LOVED ME
I was totally being hilarious without really trying and everyone was dying. No bigs. 

Okay, back to being humble again.
I am super grateful for my ward in WV. I took it for granted. I never realized how much I felt welcomed, loved and the strong spirit that was there. Being in West Virginia for the little under 2 years that I was there, my testimony grew immaculately. I never knew what it was like to go to church because you want to go and learn rather than going because everyone does it and it's apart of a weekly routine. I never knew how much courage it took to go to church by yourself when you have no clue who anybody was. I never knew what it was like having to start over and make new friends. But because I was blessed to live in WV for the time that I did, I am now able to say "I know what that's like." All of the people and missionaries that I've met in WV have definitely influenced my life for the better and I couldn't be happier to have  met them. It is true about the saying that's like: you don't know what you're missing until it's gone, or whatever. Because I sure miss it there, WAY more that I thought. But, it's been a fun run. I'm not planning on going back after my mission. I don't think it would be the same, no matter how much I would want it to. But I'm glad I'm moving on in my life and taking the steps of growing up. 

The church is true!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Farewell schpeal

So this next Tuesday I will be back in Utah THANK GOODNESS. I have longed for this moment since I left in August.
I decided I wasn't going to tell anyone in the bishopric that I was leaving on the 29th of this month...BUT WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! Haha last week they ALL happened to ask me when I was going back to Utah. And what did that get me?
I HAVE TO TALK ON SUNDAY! I was trying so hard not to have to. Oh well.
I guess things happen for a reason.
I actually am kind of excited though. Secretly.
I am going to try and be funny. Like most people who gave talks are.
But the worst part about them is if you're not funny and you're waiting for them to laugh and then its just silent. Then someone nice enough decides to give you a pity laugh.
Lucky for me, I didn't figure this out by experience. Just watching everyone sometimes try too hard in sacrament. Bless their hearts. 
Anyway, I've got a little bit of it planned out. I'll probably write another post on Saturday or Sunday or something basically telling you what I said.
Sorry these posts are kinda lame....and not really missionary like.
Because here's the deal:
I'm not a blogger.
I'm usually straight up.
But I like everyone to know most of my business. :) hahaha

Okay. We are done here.
I should probably get back to work.....
What is it with me and blogging at work?


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A depressing vent

I am going to make you depressed by reading this.
ATTENTION: to all those not wanting to feel depressed like you would feel if it rains for 92 days straight or to those who don't want to hear me complain and ramble on about my sometimes pathetic life...don't read on! Skip to the next post!

I'm not sure how I'm feeling right now. Kinda depressed, maybe? Tired? Unmotivated? Lazy af?m
I was totally fine with leaving everyone for 18 months and now it's kinda hitting me because me and my brother got into a little argument type thing. And it's making me super sad.
Oh yeah. I'm at work right now. So he's not in the area, which makes me sad because I was semi being mean and I am leaving WV soon to go back to Utah.
I've become so much closer with my brother these past few months. He is so funny and we have so much fun when we are together. I just am so sad thinking about how I won't see him for almost 2 years because he will be leaving on his mission too.
UGH I am so emotional. I almost cried today watching Glee.
Maybe it's almost time for Aunt Flo and Uncle Dom to come visit? Please no. I don't really enjoy their company.
Oh yeah, speaking of being emotional....I AM!

I've never really had the desire to blog, but maybe I should? Haha I only get the urge when I'm super bored and *depressed. WEIRD.
*side note, to those of you who don't know me I'm not really depressed....I just like to be dramatic. It's funner that way. Also funner isn't a word, right? MORE FUN. I don't care honestly.

Okay so like I said...I'm at work and I really don't want to be. I am so bored. I am literally sitting down in the front on the iPad writing this piece of poo blog post.
Only 5 more hours.

Oooo a good reason I might be sad today could be because of these factors:
(As stupidly horrible they are hahah)
1. This missionary hasn't written me back
2. *It's raining
3. It's cold 30 degrees.
4.  I have to fart, but people are in hearing distance.
5. Me and Obike (my brother) got in a quarrel
6. I'm at work
7. I've eaten like CRAAAAAP today
8. I have a lot of people to see before I leave
9. My room is extremely dirty still
10. I suck at packing
11. I am the biggest procrastinator you'll ever meet.

* I wish it were raining men...not 2 degree water droplets.

ALRIGHT this post is so long and depressing. I'll save your humanity and let you go now.


Thursday, August 22, 2013


weird. It's officially official. I am going on a mission! Holy crap. I got my call 21 days ago. Time FLYS! I should probably get some stuff ready. Anywho! This time I can say, "I am going on a mission!" Rather than, "I am planning to go on a mission?" 

HECK TO THE YES! I have been called to serve. I could never be happier. Holy Hannah. 

I guess you can see where I've been called to. In fact, I would LOVE it :) 

P.S. I surprised my mother and brother. and a few other lucky individuals! YESSSSSSSSSS

(The BEST surprise mission call opening. EVER!)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

appointments galore!

So this whole ‘going on a mission’ deal is a secret. i LOVE it. Nobody knows that I am going on a mission besides a few people here in West Virginia.

On April 13, 2013 I had a meeting with our wonderful, new bishop. I told him that I want to serve a mission. This day was the day I officially started my papers. It was really hard filling out the paperwork without help from a parent because I had to figure out all of that confusing insurance, deductible, parent information stuff that I had no clue about. BUT I prevailed!!! I got it all done within a week or so sneakily trying to ask my dad about how insurance works, asking my mom where she served on her mission etc. FINALLY I got the paperwork done. Now I had to get my dental work and physical.

I thought I would just FLY by on this whole thing because I heard stories after the age change about how people got their papers in by the next week. Yep, didn’t happen. After getting my dentist appointment I was told I had eight cavities. EIGHT! (Nasty, right? But I will justify my nastiness by saying I haven't been to the doctors in about 2 years :)
Yeah, so that sucked. But it was okay because I just had to have everything fixed before I go!

Next was the physical. I saw on the paperwork that it asks about your breasts and genitals. OH. MY. GOSH. Yeah, I freaked out about that. The last time I had to have a doctor check my goods it was a sneak attack. My mother took me into that doctors office when I was a youngin’ and threw me a fast ball. Next thing I knew, I was laying spread eagle on that table with the old creepy doctor all up in my bidnezz. I wasn't really down for that happening again.

So...I procrastinated. I put that off for as long as I could. BUT thankfully Sister Boekweg (serving in Morgantown waiting for her visa to go to Australia!!!) helped me! She told me they don’t check there. She said they just asked if everything was normal. WHEW! Definitely a game changer. 
p.s. Sister Boekweg is probably the coolest, sassiest and funniest person ever. I love her!

With finals coming and going, I put off making that appointment anyway. When I realized that my time left in West Virginia was short, I had to crack down and get moving. I went to four dentist appointments (meaning my mouth was numb four different times!) and my physical which ended up being like four different appointments in itself, ALL IN A WEEK. While trying to manage my social and church life, I might add. I mean it doesn't seem as stressful as I am making it sound but oh. my. gosh. lets just say I am soo glad that is over.

Miracle of the week:

The adversary was working SO hard against me this week. Everything was trying to get in the way of me having my interview with the bishop.  Just to name a few:
  • On Monday I had to find a family doctor who would accept me as a patient and give me a physical the SAME day I was calling.
  • My doctor didn't give shots at his private practice. Meaning he had to send me to the clinic that closed at 5pm and at the time it was 4:30pm.
  • While I was at the clinic his fax machine wasn't working to get my order in.
  • I peed all over the cup. hahah, I knew you were dying to know that one! :)
  • My dad found out I was going on a mission.
  • He did not react in the way I presumed he would have. He basically didn't approve/made me feel worthless.
  • I had to wait until Wednesday to get my results/physical form--a couple hours before my interview

Anyway, with all of that against me I was still able to get through it all. The Lord prepares a way and always does. Let me tell you, I was praying more in those three days than I had in another week in my life. When things in our lives aren't going the way we want them to or things come into our lives that aren't welcomed, we have to submit ourselves to the will of God. Things will then fall in place in our lives. As much as the adversary tries to defeat us, the good will always prevail.
"As one's will is increasingly submissive to the will of God, he can receive inspiration and revelation so much needed to help meet the trials of life." - Neil A. Maxwell